Variscite Fine Silver & Copper Ring - size 7.0

Variscite Fine Silver & Copper Ring - size 7.0


Variscite, although almost always confused with turquoise, is usually much greener in color.  Variscite is a secondary mineral formed through the weathering of rocks containing aluminum and phosphate.  It is distinguished from turquoise by the absence of copper.

This beautiful green variscite gemstone is on an etched copper backing and surrounded by fine silver.  The copper ring band has also been etched.  The entire ring has been given a patina bath to highlight the textured areas and really show off the stunning variscite gemstone. And since the actual ring was designed with copper, the ring has some therapeutic benefits, helping with inflammation and other arthritis type symptoms.

This handcrafted variscite gemstone sterling silver and copper ring setting is 1" in length and 3/4" at its widest point. The actual copper ring band is approximately 5/16" in width (a little wider than 1/4").  This ring is a size 7.5 but because of the width of the ring band, it fits like a size 7.

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