Tree Frog Variscite Sterling Silver Pendant

Tree Frog Variscite Sterling Silver Pendant


This is the very first time I have worked with tree frog variscite, but I am sure it won't be the last.  Tree frog variscite is a fairly new find from Nevada's "Tree Frog" mine. Variscite has wonderful colors and most of it is webbed with either gray or black webbing. This particular tree frog variscite is a lovely shade of mint green.

I fabricated this pendant from sterling silver, giving it texture by fusing fine silver dust on the back side of the pendant, on the fine silver bezel that surrounds the stone, and also on the new bail design.  Additionally the hammered sterling silver extension chain and clasp have all been hand fabricated, not to mention the new bail design.  And  finally, all the handcrafted sterling silver components were given a gun metal patina for that rusticated finish.

This unique handcrafted tree frog variscite pendant is 2.25" in length (including the bail) and ~1.25" at its widest point.  The sterling silver necklace length is adjustable,  18" to 20". 

"I particularly love the ebb and flow of variscite's energy.  Notice the green, the aqua - perfect shades to connect with and balance the heart, thymus and throat chakra.  Add a bit of black, and it becomes grounding as well." ~ Jessica, The Energy Flows

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