Textured Copper + Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet - Made-To-Order

Textured Copper + Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet - Made-To-Order


A VERY textured copper bangle ... this is a simple handmade copper bangle with hints of sterling and argentium silver fused to the surface. This 5/17” wide, 16 gauge thick, hand forged copper bangle can be worn with other copper jewelry or contrast with pieces of sterling silver jewelry.

The unique texture seen here on this bangle was created by fusing recycled sterling silver dust. Additionally recycled argentium silver pieces were melted to create silver balls (5) that were fused to the surface of the bangle . The bangle was given a patina bath and finished with a light coat of wax to the inside.  Because the outside of the cuff has texture, I use a small amount of mineral oil to the outside to help protect the patina.

Please avoid moisturizers and or perfume on the area of your wrist where your bracelet will be worn, as it may react with the copper and leave dark marks on your wrist.  Also, some people have skin reactions to copper and it could leave dark marks on their skin.  Either way, the dark marks can be washed off easily with a little soap and water.

Wearing copper bracelets for health benefits has a long history, all the way back to ancient Egypt. Other than being very grounding, copper is also said to be beneficial for those who have arthritis/inflammation, joint pain, and joint stiffness.

This listing is for one (1) copper bangle bracelet. This is a made-to-order jewelry design - please allow up to 10 days to design and ship your bracelet.

Each piece of my handcrafted metal jewelry designs is stamped with my logo and signature

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