Spiderweb Gem Silica Sterling Silver Pendant

Spiderweb Gem Silica Sterling Silver Pendant


This amazing new spiderweb gem silica sterling silver pendant design displays a rare geological anomoly.  This amazing gemstone, called 7D or 7 Dwarfs in the lapidary world,  is a highly silicated, copper based gemstone.  Although it was originally thought to be a turquoise or variscite, it is actually too silicated to be a turquoise and variscite does not contain copper. Because the vein where this material was mined is all but gone, 7D has become quite valuable on the market, hence the high price tag for one of these gemstone beauties.

In designing this pendant, I was inspired to mimic the design of the 7 Dwarfs sterling silver cuff bracelet.  I was hesitant at first but after the pendant was complete, I was so in love with this design.  This 7 Dwarfs gemstone was set in fine silver.  The pendant itself is sterling silver.  Both were fused with recycled sterling silver dust for my favorite texture.  And of course I gave the pendant a patina bath and gently polished the surface for that rustic look that I love.   This handcrafted 7 Dwarfs sterling silver pendant, with its hints of Native American design elements, is just gorgeous!

This handcrafted sterling silver pendant is approximate 1 3/4" in length (including the bail) and is 3/4" in width.  This handmade 7 Dwarfs sterling silver pendant is hung from black ultra suede (vegan) attached to a hand-forged sterling silver clasp and extension chain, for a total necklace length of 17 - 18 1/2". The hand-forged extension chain and clasp were given the same patina as the pendant.

Each piece of my handcrafted metal jewelry designs is stamped with my logo and signature.


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