Shattuckite Gemstone Sterling Silver Pendant

Shattuckite Gemstone Sterling Silver Pendant


I absolutely love this Shuttuckite gemstone on sterling silver. This shattuckite is spectacular, with all it’s many shades of blue … talk about some amazing throat chakra healing while wearing this handcrafted necklace.

I fabricated this pendant from fine silver and sterling silver. The back of the pendant, as well as the bezel surrounding the shattuckite gemstone, were fused with recycled sterling silver dust to give them my favorite texture. The necklace is a combination of handcrafted chain and dark brown ultra suede (vegan). I finished this necklace with a sterling silver slide clasp ... you can slip this necklace over your head and then adjust it to almost any length up to ~26”. The pendant measurements are 2 x 1 1/4" including the bail. And finally, the entire pendant and handcrafted chain were given a patina bath and light polish to bring out the texture highlights for that rusticated finish I love.

Shattuckite is a powerful stone that can boost your powers of communication. The distinct vibration of these stones resonates within the throat and third eye chakras, with the energy of truth. Be sure to wear this shattuckite necklace when you need help speaking your truth.

Each piece of my handcrafted metal jewelry designs are stamped with my logo and my signature.


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