Owyhee Jasper Sterling Silver & Copper Ring - Size 10

Owyhee Jasper Sterling Silver & Copper Ring - Size 10


Owyhee jasper is a colorful and popular picture jasper that probably derives its name from the Owyhee River. Owyhee jasper is basically petrified mud that is known for its bright colored scenic patterns with and without the sky blue color as part of its matrix. Owyhee jasper comes from the Owyhee mountain area, situated on the Idaho-Oregon border. Owyhee jasper is a natural wonder, depicting the great beauty of the earth it was created.

This owyhee jasper gemstone is set in a textured fine silver setting and a hammered copper ring, both finished with a rustic patina to highlight the textured areas and really show off the stunning owyhee jasper gemstone. And since the actual ring was designed with copper, the ring has some therapeutic benefits, helping with inflammation and other arthritis type symptoms.

This handcrafted owyhee jasper gemstone sterling silver and copper ring setting is round-ish shape, being 1 1/8" in length and 1" at its widest. The actual copper ring band is approximately 5/16" in width (a little wider than 1/4").  This ring is a size 10.5 but because of the width of the ring band, it fits like a size 10.

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