Malachite, Chrysocolla, Turquoise Gemstone Copper Pendant

Malachite, Chrysocolla, Turquoise Gemstone Copper Pendant


This is a nice chunk of Nevada malachite, chrysocolla, turquoise that I haven been wanting to work with in one of my designs.  This piece of turquoise is what many lapidarist would call a doublet, as it sits on top a mahogany obsidian base.

The handcrafted malachite, chrysocolla, turquoise pendant was fabricated using copper and some minute splashes of sterling silver.  I designed this turquoise pendant using minimal metal with an open back so as to allow for direct contact with the gemstone's energy.  All aspects of this minimal metal copper design were given a fused texture using recycled copper and sterling silver dust and then forged by hand.  This turquoise copper pendant hangs from chocolate brown suede cord.  The cord is long enough to fit over the wearer's head and the length can be adjusted by pulling the cord through the tube slide clasp.  And finally, the entire turquoise copper pendant was given a beautiful patina of golds and browns.

This handmade turquoise copper pendant is approximately 1 3/4" in length (including the bail) and an 1 3/4" at its widest.  This handcrafted Nevada malachite, chrysocolla, turquoise necklace is adjustable to 24" in length.  This is quite a chunk of natural malachite, chrysocolla and turquoise and definitely has the masculine appeal, but this handcrafted copper pendant would be a nice rustic piece for anyone to wear - simple but amazing!

Read my blog post #turquoiseoverdiamonds  for more information on types of turquoise and caring for your turquoise jewelry.

Wearing copper can relieve joint stiffness and joint pain.  Copper is also a very grounding metal and it has the ability to transfer vibrational frequencies from the higher vibrational realms of spirit into the physical. Copper will help you to keep the pathways for healing open in your life.

Each piece of my handcrafted metal jewelry designs is stamped with my logo and signature.


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