Labradorite Gemstone on Copper + Sterling Silver Pendant

Labradorite Gemstone on Copper + Sterling Silver Pendant


Once again, labradorite is the focal point for one of my pendant designs … I don’t think I have ever seen a purple and copper labradorite gemstone and this one is a stunner. This multi-metal pendant was designed with copper, fine silver and sterling silver. The copper was given a hammered texture and the fine silver bezel has been fused with recycled sterling silver dust. Additionally, this amazing pendant hangs from a hand forged neck ring of 12 gauge copper. Finally, the copper pendant and the neck ring were given a patina bath and finished with a light coat of wax to help protect the patina. When designing this necklace/pendant in my head, the neck ring option seemed the perfect finish for such a stunning pendant, and after seeing it all finished, it did not disappoint.

When wearing this amazing piece of art, please avoid moisturizers and or perfume on the area of your neck where your necklace will be worn, as it may react with the copper and leave dark marks on your neck.  Also, some people have skin reactions to copper and it could leave dark marks on their skin.  Either way, the dark marks can be washed off easily with a little soap and water.

This labradorite pendant is 2" in length, including the bail and 1.25" at its widest point.  The copper neck ring is 17” in length. If you need a larger neck ring, please contact me with your request.


  • Use at the 6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra/Brow Chakra) or at the 7th Chakra (Crown Chakra).

  • Allows connection to the mystery and magic of life.

  • Brings deep awareness of your spiritual knowledge, allowing it to manifest in your daily life.

  • Brings spiritual insight.

  • Supports you to integrate spiritual experiences into the physical world.

  • Opens and activates the Third-eye.

~ The Crystal Reading Cards by Rachelle Charmen

Please check out Crystalpedia as there is so much more information about Labradorite.

Wearing copper can relieve joint stiffness and joint pain.  Copper is also a very grounding metal and it has the ability to transfer vibrational frequencies from the higher vibrational realms of spirit into the physical. Copper will help you to keep the pathways for healing open in your life.

Each piece of my handcrafted metal jewelry designs are stamped with my logo and my signature.


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