RESERVED - Damele Turquoise Copper Cuff Bracelet

RESERVED - Damele Turquoise Copper Cuff Bracelet


It doesn't get any better than this!!!  A GORGEOUS pale yellow damele turquoise surrounded by fine silver and set on a wide copper cuff.  And for those of you whose skin reacts to copper, I have lined the inside of this copper cuff with fine silver.

I fabricated and forged this cuff from 16ga copper and lined the entire inside of this cuff with 26ga fine silver. The unique texture seen on the surface is a combination of etching and then fusing recycled copper dust to the surface.  The fine silver bezel that surrounds this very unique damele turquoise has been fused with recycled fine silver for texture.  And finally, the entire damele turquoise copper cuff has been given a beautiful patina of golds and browns.  This damele turquoise copper cuff, with it's texture and patina, is a beautiful piece of wearable art.

Damele Turquoise, a highly sought after turquoise (also very expensive), comes from a small mine located outside of Austin, Nevada.  Very little turquoise is produced from this mine today and any sold presently is cut from older rough that can still be found from various turquoise dealers and collectors.  Damele is very hard and comes in a variety of colors from yellow, gold, greens and grays with a beautiful spider webbing.

This handcrafted damele turquoise gemstone copper cuff bracelet is approximately 2 1/4 inches at its widest point and tapers down to 1 1/4" at the cuff opening. This copper cuff will fit wrist sizes 6 to 7 1/2". You will absolutely love this copper cuff bracelet moment you put it on your wrist!

Each piece of my handcrafted metal jewelry designs is stamped with my logo and signature.


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