Aquamarine Sterling Silver Pendant

Aquamarine Sterling Silver Pendant


This natural surface aquamarine crystal is amazing!  All gemstones/crystals are healing stones but this aquamarine pendant was designed using minimal metal, allowing for the crystal to lay against the wearer's skin to make direct contact with the healing energy of the crystal.

I fabricated this pendant from sterling silver and I gave it my favorite texture by fusing recycled sterling silver dust to the surface.  The aquamarine gemstone is set with sterling silver prongs, showing as much of the aquamarine crystal as possible.  Additionally the handcrafted sterling silver chain, clasp and end caps have all been textured and given a patina bath for that rusticated finish that I love.

The aquamarine pendant is 2 3/4" in length, including the bail and 1 3/8" at its widest point.  The pendant is hung from a light brown leather necklace and is adjustable 18 - 19 1/2".

If you are looking for a high vibration stone to wear, aquamarine is often used when working with the throat chakra and the heart chakra.  It can also help to align all of the chakras and enhance the aura.  Aquamarine is a blue-green beryl and is one of the birthstones of March. 

Each piece of my handcrafted metal jewelry designs is stamped with my logo and signature.


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