Owyhee Jasper Sterling Silver & Copper Ring

Owyhee Jasper is said to be the "Stone of Communication", as it helps to communicate with confidence and improved clarity in many different areas of life, as well as bringing settlement and grounding.

Owyhee jasper can help to even the skins pigmentation, decrease age spots, slow down the process of Vitiligo, improve eyesight and clear Jaundice. Additionally, Owyhee Jasper can help to settle and even bring protection against seizures, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease and dementia. Owyhee jasper can also help the liver to protect itself from damage, helping it to restore itself and regain its function, as well as helping to keep the blood clean. For more information on owyhee jasper, go to http://www.ksccrystals.com/, where you will find an extensive amount of information on this wonderful gemstone.

Owyhee jasper is a colorful and popular picture jasper that probably derives its name from the Owyhee River. Owyhee jasper is basically petrified mud that is known for its bright colored scenic patterns with and without the sky blue color as part of its matrix. Owyhee jasper comes from the Owyhee mountain area, situated on the Idaho-Oregon border. Owyhee jasper is a natural wonder, depicting the great beauty of the earth it was created.

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