Moukaite Jasper Sterling Silver & Gold Ring

Moukaite is a nurturing stone that supports and sustains during times of stress, bringing peace and a feeling of wholeness. Moukaite Jasper encourages versatility and helps one to accept change. It helps to discover all possibilities in a situation and to choose the right one. Moukaite also grounds and stabilizes the whole body and provides a protective energy that helps to block unwanted outside influences.

Moukaite helps with living meditation, where one makes a meditation of any act one does. Moukaite is a very protective stone, and is particularly good as an emotional protector. In the physical realm it stabilizes health and fortifies the immune system. Meditating with this stone takes you to a calm center to wait out any storm, and can assist in contacting souls on other planes. It is also an aid for communicating with animals. 

Moukaite Jasper, found in Australia, forms in the erosional areas of mountains as a filler in fissures and cracks. Foreign materials, such as sand, clay and iron, make up the beautiful red, yellow and orange colors, commonly found in moukaite.