Dryhead Agate Copper Cuff Bracelet

Dryhead agate is similar to many other Agates, as it is used for grounding and protection. It is also good for helping a person to find their roots, discover their spiritual path, and know their purpose in this lifetime. Dryhead agate is an amazing stone for helping to set firm boundaries, energetically, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, in addition to setting boundaries that are needed for the highest good.

Dryhead Agate, with its beautiful swirling patterns, is found in the Bighorn Canyon area of Montana, just north of the Wyoming border. This dryhead agate gemstone spoke to me the moment it arrived in my studio. This very unique agate gemstone was destined to be the focus of attention on one of my wide copper cuff bracelets. Words cannot describe the beauty of this stone - you would definitely need to see it in person to appreciate such a work of natural art.