Adding to My Repertoire ...

As many of you know, I have recently become a Reiki Master (RMT) and a Divine Intentional Healing Practitioner, although I have worked as a healer for many years assisting family and friends, both human and animal. I have been doing this, along with my art of jewelry design, for a while now. I have recently been guided to step more fully into my role as a healer, creating a healing space in my home and taking on clients professionally. I really never thought I would be doing healing professionally, but obviously the universe had other plans for me.

Don’t worry, I will continue designing jewelry. I love designing jewelry too much to stop - but now I am scheduling time for both.

As I really stop and think about it, I was being primed for this next step of my journey since last year. Not only did I become a Reiki Master (RMT), in addition to a Divine Intentional Healing Practitioner, I also began designing healing jewelry pieces. These pieces were designed for a clientele that wanted specifically healing jewelry - gemstone jewelry designed using less metal. All gemstones have metaphysical properties for healing, but designing jewelry with less metal gives the wearer more direct contact with the stone. I still love designing with lots of metal but now I design a little of both. I love the creative process no matter what, and I am always intuitively guided by the gemstones.

I love doing both, art and healing. It’s amazing that these two careers can actually work hand in hand. I really enjoy assisting clients to know what stones would be beneficial for them, either to wear as jewelry or to carry around in their pocket. Pockets gemstones are amazing … I always have a few in my pockets.

I don’t plan on having a separate website for my energy healing practice, so I thought I would at least share my exciting news with my jewelry customers. If you would like to know more about my healing practice or want to discuss a possible custom for a healing jewelry piece, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Lots of love to you all.


[479] 659-2968