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Featured Designs

Danielle H. Ross Jewelry is an ever evolving collection of handcrafted gemstone jewelry with rustic texture and intuitive style. Each of my jewelry pieces is designed by me in my home studio using traditional metalsmithing techniques ... just a little hard work and a lot of patience is nothing compared to seeing that finished jewelry design.

Cuff Bracelet

Probably my most favorite handcrafted gemstone jewelry piece to designs is a cuff bracelet.  A handmade gemstone cuff bracelet with lots of texture and detail is a great statement piece to display your favorite gemstone or fossil.


A unique gemstone pendant on a handcrafted chain is a great way to display your favorite gemstone or fossil. Each of my handmade gemstone or fossil pendants is fabricated from sterling silver or copper. 


My Handcrafted rings are fabricated from copper or sterling silver.  As part of the design process of any of my jewelry pieces, the gemstone speaks to me and inspires me, showing me the way to a beautiful piece of wearable art.

Healing Touch Jewelry

My "Healing Touch Jewelry" line is about keeping it simple.  These handcrafted gemstone jewelry wears are designed using minimal metal, allowing for the crystal to lay against the wearer's skin to make direct contact with the healing energy of the crystal.


How about a unique pair of handcrafted gemstone earrings? My gemstone earrings are designed from sterling silver or copper, and are mostly inspired by my love for Native American jewelry.  New earring designs COMING SOON!

Gift Card

Purchase a Danielle H. Ross Jewelry Gift Card and your thoughtful gift is in the hands of the person it was meant, allowing them to choose the handmade jewelry that speaks to them. Wow, how easy is that?