My Design Inspiration

As long as I can remember, I have loved gemstones, fossils, and rocks.  AND for many years, I have wanted to learn metalsmithing ... it was my calling.  Working with metals is just an unbelievable craft.  I often say, "I have the best job in the world."  When designing handmade gemstone jewelry pieces in my studio, this passion is reflected in my designs. I am inspired by the natural minerals and fossils to create simple but expressive handcrafted jewelry designs.  As an artist, to design from what is naturally beautiful is such a gift.

GemstoneJewelryBYDanielle is a collection of "one-of-a-kind" and a few "limited edition" handcrafted gemstone and fossil jewelry pieces fabricated and forged from copper, silver and gold.  My design inspiration comes from the stones ... they speak to me and inspire me, showing me the way to a beautiful piece of wearable art.


Copper, Brass & Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

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This handcrafted copper, brass and sterling silver cuff bracelet came together in an awesome way. I love the look, the texture and all the metals involved in this cuff bracelet design. This copper and brass cuff bracelet design reminds me of something you would have seen in Rome back in the day.

To learn the art of riveting, I recently purchased a book in order to learn the process and be able to use the process in my jewelry designs. This cuff bracelet is a variation of one of the projects in my book where I actually learned how to rivet. Riveting the cuff using sterling silver by creating nail head rivets added just the right final touch to this design. You can be sure to see more riveting in my future jewelry designs, as I really enjoyed learning the process and I really like the results.

This copper and brass handcrafted cuff bracelet has been hammered, reticulated and patinaed in order bring out all the textures of the different metals. Finally, I treated the patina finish with multiple coats of wax, so as the protect the patina.

This handmade copper and brass cuff bracelet is approximately 1 1/2" in width, and it will fit wrist sizes 6 to 7 1/2". Additionally, copper doubles as a health benefit, as it helps to alleviate arthritus pain.

Coordinating jewelry design - Copper, Brass and Sterling Silver Earrings

One-of-a-kind - SOLD